About Spiritual Practice

Recommendations on how to participate in the Vigil.

Inner consonance with God.



Dear Friends!

The Prayer Vigil is very important spiritual work.

This Vigil can completely change the situation in the world and direct its course in a positive way, and prevent all wars and military confrontation.


However, there is one condition for the maximum effect to be achieved in this spiritual work: people, who participate in the Vigil, must be in an absolutely harmonious state, filled with Love and inner peace.


Therefore, if you are upset, immersed in heavy thoughts, or you are in a depression because of a quarrel with your relatives or a conflict at work, please skip reading the Rosary on that day. The result of your work, if you are in such an inharmonious state, will be negative, moreover, it will be enhanced by the number of people participating in the Vigil on this day.


Even if you think that you are in a good state of mind, do not start reading the Rosary without preliminary preparing yourself for it. Take care approximately 15 - 30 minutes before you start reading the Rosary so that nothing will distract you while reading the Rosary: arrange with your family, turn off all phones, TVs, and radios.

Do not watch the news on the internet, do not check e-mail, do not talk on Skype and do not visit the social networks.

Dedicate 15-20 minutes before reading the Rosary to consonance with God within you. You can read your favorite prayers, mantras, contemplate the images of the Masters with quiet harmonious music playing, or you can read or listen to an audio recording of the Message of the Master loved by you.


Stay in silence with your eyes closed for a few minutes and focus on your heart before the start of the Vigil. Imagine that you are breathing with heart. Breathe slowly and deeply.


Of course, the preparation for the Vigil will take about the same time as the reading of the Rosary of the Vigil. However, the result, the effect you achieve by participation in the Vigil will be immeasurably higher.


The main task, which you must achieve during your praying practice, is the harmonization of your inner state. You must find the state of complete harmony and oneness with God. (Beloved Surya, December 13, 2005)


After the reading of the Rosary is over, do not rush immediately to do your daily duties. Stay in silence for a few minutes. Stay for some time in the vibrations of the Rosary.



If you have achieved a good spiritual state during your spiritual work, you can use the following visualization, given by Lord Surya:


And at the end of your spiritual practice I am asking you to do one simple thing. Imagine that your aura expands and becomes the size of a house, and then it expands more and covers your whole city, your country and the entire globe. And every living creature that gets in the field of your aura experiences its impact.

And every living being becomes filled with the state of harmony and peace, which you have managed to achieve during your spiritual practice.

(Beloved Surya, December 13, 2005)



Below are a few recommendations for your spiritual practice from the Messages of the Masters.



Padma Sambhava, April 23, 2005:

Your prayer-practice should have aspiration. If you pray without proper aspiration, you waste your time in vain. If during your prayer or meditation you are thinking about the greatness of the work you do for mankind, your prayer becomes meaningless.

You should completely leave your human consciousness during your prayer. How can you talk to God, if you have not raised your consciousness up to that level where God will be able to hear you?

When you talk between yourselves you care about coming close to your collocutor so that he can hear you. Why dont you care about the opportunity for God to hear you during your talk to Him?

God talks to you in the language of the heart, and He talks to you within your heart. That is why nothing should refocus your attention during your prayer. You must be completely concentrated on your heart and on the feeling within your heart.

You are not even obliged to utter the words of a prayer at this moment. You simply unite your consciousness with Gods consciousness. You raise your consciousness up to the level of your Higher Self. And you are in God.

The very sense of a prayer-practice is in the raising of your consciousness. If your lips and tongue utter the words of a prayer, but your mind is wandering somewhere around watching people doing their business, youd better give up your prayer. This is a meaningless occupation for you. A prayer is a communication with God, not an exercise for the tongue.



Beloved Zarathustra, January 2, 2006:

your daily efforts will certainly be rewarded, because we appreciate and understand how hard sometimes it is for you to spare at least a few minutes to pray. For it seems that everything around opposes you as soon as you seriously start fulfilling the obligations that you have assumed in your letters to the Karmic Board, or you have just demonstrated the aspiration of your heart and decided to selflessly dedicate some time to the sacred work.

Do not be afraid of any obstacles that get in your way in your world, as obstacles indicate only that it is necessary to overcome them. If you overcome obstacles every day, and every day fulfill the assumed obligations, then the momentum of aspiration that you accrue during all that time will help you in your prayers later on. For your prayers will gain more and more power with time.

You pray not even with words; you pray with your hearts, with the impulse of your hearts. And we always see you when you perform your prayer sincerely. At that moment you sparkle up like a huge flash of light; and that flash serves as a sign for us and angels; and we rush in to help you.

You know that those prayers, which you say sincerely and selflessly in your heart, work best.


Beloved Mother Mary, June 13, 2005:

Just imagine that each of your prayers addressed to me makes the veil between our worlds thinner and thinner. There are regions on the globe where the power of your prayers has made the communication between our worlds possible to such an extent that you can even feel me touching you and sense the aroma of the roses I am heaping upon you.

Beloved, do not interrupt your prayers.


Do you remember Serafim Sarovsky? Can you remember him serving before my image on the icon called Affection?

He did not even recite prayers, but his eyes filled with tears and he plunged into a totally blissful state of Love towards me. Serafim Sarovsky was one of my most devoted servants.

And I still remember the moments of our commune with him spent together in the wood.

You cannot even imagine this inexpressible miracle given to us by the Lord. With the help of our Love we are able to eliminate all the barriers between our worlds. And there is nothing more elevated, pleasant and blessed than the communication which we can give each other.

T. N. Mickushina