Grant V. Seattle, WA, USA

It is not easy to pick my favorite book or books because they are all amazing.

I would have to say that the entire Words of Wisdom Series is my favorite. These are a must for anyone today who wants to get to the core of the Teaching of the Ascended Masters.

America has a long history with the Ascended Masters Teaching starting with HPB. Then the Roerichs, the Ballards, the Prophets, and now Tatyana Mickushina.

It makes no difference that this Messenger is from Russia. In fact this is one of our challenges. Can we read the lessons without prejudice and hear the Teaching between the lines?

In the books, you will find many references to the Teachings in America, and how it failed time and again. America needs to ally with Russia and bring this Teaching to the world.

The world has changed in unimaginable ways, all predicted in the books.

We were instructed and expected to live by the Teachings’ lessons.

We were warned as to what to expect if we don’t follow the suggestions in the Teaching. Now, 15 years later we are seeing the manifestation of our disobedience.

The books are personal, written for each of us. When reading the Words of Wisdom Series, I found the answers to all my questions, and discovered that the only thing keeping me (or anybody else) from direct communication with the subtle world is me, and no one else.

From these books, I could see my habit of searching everywhere for the truth, and not living by the Truth. I was one of those who constantly wanted to read as much as I could about all the previous Teachings and Messengers.

We read and forget. We read and ignore.

These books say it like it is. It knows all our tricks and calls us on them.

The only thing we are judged on is the fruits of our actions.

The Truth is the Truth, and you can feel it in every sentence written.

The entire series, Words of Wisdom - Volumes 1 - 5 are rightfully called “the Bible for the New Age.”

It provides instructions on how to live in the world today, including exposing all the devices of the modern world we use to knowingly or unknowingly dull ourselves, and lower our vibrations.

We are now facing the effects of disobedience by living only for ourselves.

All the books by the Messenger Tatyana Mickushina are indeed the Word of God.

It is up to us to recognize this and follow the Teaching word for word.

Thanks to the Messenger and the Ascended Masters, we still have the opportunity to change the trajectory of the world, but this has to be done individually with dedication and perseverance, and it has to be done now.

Blessings to all,

Grant V.


Venera Kanimetova, Kyrgyzstan

Hello dear friends!

Thank you for the Opportunity to express my Gratitude to God, the Teachers of Wisdom, the Messenger, and all the project organizers.

My name is Venera, I'm from Kyrgyzstan.

One day I turned to my heart and said: "God and all the Saints, Help me!" Eventually I met the books of the Teaching of the Masters of Wisdom. Everything began to change in life. All the books with the Teaching of the Masters provide invaluable knowledge of the Truth which can be applied in the Practice of life.

I would like to tell you about one of my favorite books of the Teaching of the Masters of Wisdom. This book is "Words of Wisdom.”

Through this book we learn a few things:

• it is possible to realize the Divine Truth in one degree or another.

• identify the causes of life situations. This is a Choice!

• what kind of energy we use in life, you control your energy!

• your attention should be directed to the inner world.

• attunement with the heart!

Through the book "Words of Wisdom” you learn to:

• feel this Teaching deeply.

• understand and realize the Teaching in the practice of life.

• save the planet through Knowledge of the Soul and awareness of the mistakes of the past.

• divide in your mind what is Eternal and what is transitory.

• find answers to all your questions.

And it is a joy to understand that the Teaching helps in life.

In the Message of Lord Surya it says: "Never become adults in matters of knowing the Divine Truth."

Everyone will work out their karmic baggage and meet with those situations in life that will push them to a new level of consciousness, to a new step leading to the comprehension of Divine Truth.

I thank Tatyana Mickushina for her invaluable work-the Gifts of God through the Messages of the Masters of Wisdom to the whole world, to the whole Earth in this difficult time.

All Messages are the Grace of God and the Blessing of the Masters.

And it is possible to understand this through Discernment in the heart.

Thank you!

Marya, Moscow, Russia

I recently started following the path and reading the books of the Teaching. My heart responded and responds with awe and joy to every Book I read, every Rosary.

But I have a special feeling for the book "Treasures of Divine Wisdom", this Book is especially near and dear to me.

In the moments when I no longer see the light in the bustle of the days, in the moments when I am lonely and sad, I open it at random, and the lines that catch my eyes become a joy and a beacon for me. Sometimes I open this book in the morning, and a line chosen at random also supports me throughout the day.

I thank God and the Messenger Tatyana Mickushina for this ray of support and hope.

Natalia, Lviv, Ukraine

Thank you for your books: “The Sutras of the Ancient Teaching", "Good and evil", "Secrets of Music", "About Love and sexual energy", "Rosary of the New Day". These books support, enlighten, and feed me with Light. They form a spiritual core that helps to resist the on-slaught of accelerated convergence of karma.

I would especially like to mention the book “The Sutras of the Ancient Teaching". This s a life guide for me: "The only true motives that you should follow in any of your actions in any planes of being are Mercy, Compassion, unselfishness, and the desire to help Life." Sanat Kuma-ra, December 22, 2010.

Now, there is so much information around us that my head is spin-ning. Reading and rereading the book “The Sutras of the Ancient Teaching", guided by the knowledge gained gradually, consistently, you can penetrate deep into yourself, discarding 90% of the infor-mation chaff.

"There is too much of the carnal, heavy, human, and egoistic in you now. You gradually give up these attributes of your game in the physi-cal world... Your present bodies are needed only for living in the phys-ical world. And when the cosmic term comes, you will part with these bodies and live in other bodies, your real ones.

The limits of space and time will no longer exist for you because both space and time are only decorations on whose background the evolu-tion of your immortal part takes place.” (Mighty Cosmos, May 3, 2005.)

I realized my responsibility for everything I radiate. I don't need to blindly find my way now.

"You are responsible for every erg of energy wasted by you thought-lessly. Every time you waste your energy not in accordance with the Divine principles, you create karma." Master El Morya, April 28, 2005.

We have a lighthouse and moving towards its Light makes it impossi-ble to go astray.

And although the self still resists, the time has come to unite and feel its community, its unity with all Things.

"The time is coming when the focus on one’s narrow personal inter-ests comes into conflict with the call of the time... Specifically, the consciousness concentrated on caring about your neighbors and help-ing all living beings that exist on the planet will have an opportunity to continue its evolution.” (Gautama Buddha, January 1, 2012.)

I thank all the Masters of Light and Tatyana Mickushina!

What a joy is to have you in my life!

Andrey Prolomov, Republic of Bashkortostan, Salavat, Russia

All the books of the Teaching are loved and just as needed as air, as bread, and they are based on the backbone or basis - the First cycle of the Messages of the Masters, transmitted from March 4th to June 30th, 2005 (the book "Words of Wisdom - Volume I”).

The Masters in the First cycle gave the Salt of Knowledge, New Energies, and Hope. The consecutively received Messages deepen and reveal from different sides the Ancient Unified Teaching transmitted in the First cycle ("Repetition is the mother of all learning"). And we will have to make up for the opportunities we missed before 2009.

A new World is being born in front of our eyes, with the direct participation of our consciousness. I would not like to lose the impression that is created at the first reading of the Messages, the desire to act in joy, hopes come true, new relationships based on Love, Responsibility, Trust in the coming age of Aquarius.

Greetings and Thanks to the Masters and the Messenger Tatyana Mickushina.

Alexander Shulga, Kiev Sirius Center, Ukraine

To the question: "what is your favorite book?" I'm having a hard time finding an answer.

What is your favorite time of the year, dish, color, smell? When I am in a harmonious state, I love everything and everyone.

Therefore, I will share my thoughts about which book I see as the most important. Or which one I would single out among all the others. These Are The “Mother Mary’s Rosaries”

I read and listen to Rosaries every day. And each time I come to the conclusion that they encompass all the Teaching. Whatever question a person is concerned with, the answer can be found in this book: about the Laws of Karma and Reincarnation, about Service and suffering, about the past and future, about children and the elderly. You can probably list them endlessly. I am also eternally grateful to Mother Mary and Tatyana Mickushina for these Rosaries.

The Messenger, our Teacher, often reminds us that the main task now is to elevate our consciousness. The same can be read in the Fourth Short Rosary: "So think – hasn’t the time come already to return to the harmony between all the kingdoms of nature that reigned in days gone by when people were happy and felt the joy simply of being? At that time they saw elemental life, saw angels, and this was as natural as it is now for you to see dogs, cats and birds. I invoke your consciousness heavenward."

I would also like to note that Mother Mary explains the Divine Laws in the simplest and most accessible language. She doesn't look like a strict teacher. She finds such images, such words, as only a mother can say.

This means that Mother Mary is one of the Masters and Mistresses that is the closest to us.

Here is another quote, the words of Mother Mary, which conclude the Ninth Short Rosary: "You need not grieve and heat up flames of despair. I am saying to you that the end of darkness is coming, and only Light is in store for you!"


Ekaterina Makarova, Perm, Russia

My dear friends.

My name is Ekaterina Makarova.

From all the favorite books of the Teaching at this stage of my life, the most significant for me was the book "The Path of Initiations.”

Since then, when I first came to the site "Sirius", and it was in 2015, my life has not been the same. It has not become easier and less cloudy, no. It became more conscious. After I asked the Great Karmic Board for help in working out my karma, troubles and misfortunes fell on my head one after another. I knew it was my descending karma. But sometimes the pain was unbearable.

Exactly this book "The Path of Initiations" helped me to figure out difficult life situations and understand what was happening.

This is what Lord Maitreya says, April 23, 2006: "...Path of Initiations is in fact the fastest and the shortest way that leads you to God. That is the Path of ego rejection. That is the Path of your willing consent to go through certain tests, even the hardest ones, to make your way Home shorter…

..I am giving you a guaranteed way Home. However, your way along that Path will require all your strength. You will have to sacrifice much that you have. But the most desirable sacrifice for us will be your ego that you should inevitably leave, following the Path of Initiations. All the tests on your Path are aimed at one thing only, at leaving your unreal part; and you should establish a close connection with the real part of you…»

This Book contains Messages and fragments from the Messages that reveal the topics of the seminar "The Path of Initiations” held in the Moscow region in March 2007.

From the book I learned the history of the Path of Initiations, about the inner meaning of Initiation, and about Initiations in our time.

"Initiation is the path leading to the acquisition of consciousness of the higher, Divine plane. Man becomes conscious at every level of his being."

Lord Shiva, January 1, 2006: "Your task is to constantly maintain the real viewpoint on your position in this world. And your real position is to stand with your feet firmly on Earth and at the same time to remember your cosmic origin and aspire to God.”

After reading the book, I seriously thought about the motive that drives me on my Way.

"...The true motive would be to become the most humble being, the servant to all living beings, living on Earth. The true motive would be to liberate yourself from the ego and help all living beings."

A vivid example of the history of the Teacher (mahasiddhi) Tilopa and his Disciple Naropa, described in the book, helps us to see the value of the Teaching that has been sent down to us from Above.

I was very impressed by the passage about how Helena Blavatsky gave tests. These tests were designed to understand and learn how important it is not to lose self-control in any life situation.

The book "The Path of Initiations" can be quoted endlessly, however, as well as any other book of the Teaching.

I would like to quote the words of Lord Maitreya: "There is a Law that is not well known on the planet, but this Law is unavoidable just like the law of Karma. According to that Law, after passing a certain part of the Path, your advancement along the spiritual Path requires your voluntary subjection to the Higher Law existing in this universe and taking the steps of the Hierarchy.

As soon as you stand on the steps of the Hierarchy, all the Ascended Masters provide you with their patronage and help. The only thing that is required from you is your subjection to the Law, humility, obedience, and the discipline of a disciple...

... am giving you some time to think about how strong your determination is to follow the Path of the apprenticeship and how much you could sacrifice in your life in order to get access to the Divine Wisdom."

As in the book, instead of concluding, I quote the words of Lord Lanto from December 30, 2006: "...today I decided to give you another important piece of advice concerning the changes in your consciousness and related difficulties. Try to take everything that is happening around you as a natural course of events. No matter how amazing many things that you face in your life may appear, try not to be nervous when seeing these events. Do not react emotionally too much, because any emotional outburst may prevent you from keeping the pace of your progress. I draw special attention to the stability of your emotions because your vulnerability means that your emotional body is not always properly purified, so it may lead to unpredictable reactions.

Try to balance your emotions. And no matter what is going on around you in your life, consider everything — not in terms of the present day, but in terms of eternity. Then everything that previously caused your inner violent reactions will be perceived by you as if from a bird's-eye view.

The succession of changes in the scenery of your life will just accelerate. You will be required to demonstrate the quality of adaptation to the rapidly changing circumstances of your life. Those initiations that were given earlier in the closed schools of mysteries and required years of training by their disciples will take place naturally within several months or even days in the new conditions of your life.

The initiations have accelerated and have become possible in ordinary life. This is a new dispensation and a new chance that is being brought to you along with the change of the cosmic cycle of time.

Rejoice, because what was previously possible for you within several lives, you can now go through with confidence in one lifetime. To many of you, it will seem that you live many lives within this one life of yours, and you will not have to come into embodiment again. The program of one life comes to an end, and the program of the next life can begin almost immediately.

The miracles in your life have just begun. Get used to the miracles."

I'm getting used to miracles and I am happy to be able to serve people and the White Brotherhood!

And I bend my knees to the Masters and Tatyana Mickushina for Their work for the benefit of all living beings on Earth. And no matter how hard it was, now only joy, love and gratitude flow from my heart for everything that happens in my life, because I know now that all this is for the good!

With love to all.

Marina Kolotova, Novosibirsk, Russia

This happened many years ago. A work colleague brought a book and gave it to me. She said that it is a very valuable book, it needs to be read.

I didn't argue, because I have a lot of respect for this woman. I took the book, looked at the contents, color illustrations, and put it on the shelf for a very long time. The book was called “Words of Wisdom - Volume I”, Messages of the Masters, transmitted in 2005.

Since then several years passed, and one day my hands themselves reached for this wonderful book.

When the student is ready, the Teacher comes to him. The book became such a Teacher for me. I read it excitedly, breaking all the rules, several Messages a day.

The flow of energy and information that came from this book was like a drop of fresh water in the desert. Not a single line of these Messages caused a contradiction in the soul. Everything was clear and understandable, gradually falling into place.

To this date, a lot of books by Tatyana Mickushina - Sirius Publishing House have been read. But my favorite is still "Words of Wisdom - Volume I”, which contains the first cycle of the Messages.

I have already read it several times, and each time like the first one, something new opens up, a deeper understanding and knowledge comes. And it feels like this depth is inexhaustible.

I am grateful to my colleague who introduced me to these books.

I am grateful to Tatyana Mickushina and the entire Sirius team for this miracle, for this opportunity to touch the Great Wisdom, I am grateful to the Teachers of humanity who do not leave us in difficult times.

Many THANKS to everyone who reads the Messages, works on themselves, and introduces these books to others.

Svetlana Grigorieva, Saint Petersburg, Russia

One day, as I was passing by the bookshelves in the bookstore "Bukvoed", on the cover of one of the books, I unexpectedly noticed a portrait of El Morya. I stopped, picked up the book, and was so surprised! How! Just like that, on a shelf with other books is a portrait of a Great Teacher, whom I met while studying the works of Helena Blavatsky, and the Roerich family in the distant past. Maybe it's not Him? I couldn't be-lieve my eyes. I read it on the back of the book:

"There are no grumblers or idlers among my disciples.

I say, “ Urgent! Hit the road !” And all my disciples are ready."

And then I knew that it was true, only El Morya could say that! These are exactly His words! Who is the author of this book?

Who is Tatyana Mickushina? Why had I never heard of her or known of her? The book is a completely new 2015 edition. For a whole day I doubted, and even thought that maybe this is some kind of sect or de-ception? On the Internet I found information about Tatyana, Messages and the site “Sirius.” I remember this day very well - February 22, 2019, when I had an epiphany: "I finally found what I was looking for all my life! I have found this treasure forever, I have woken up!" I was so happy! Now life has true meaning for me.

Of course, I read it in one gulp, not as the Masters recommend, then I found “Words of Wisdom” and many other books by Tatyana Mickushina.

It is a good thing that there are also books that contain these Messages of the Masters (the Masters of Wisdom series), and there are Images of the Masters on the cover. Sometimes it becomes so difficult – and then you meet the eyes of a Great Teacher and instantly it becomes easier, and the strength is there, and you look at the world in a different way. Sometimes you don't even read the book, but hold it in your arms like a child, and peace and calm come back to you.

At the moment, I read Messages on the Sirius website every day.

Thabo Mampane, Mamelodi East, South Africa

Greetings from Mamelodi east, South Africa friends of very great Light of God that never fails.

My favorite books from the Masters of Wisdom series has to be all five volumes of the Words of Wisdom,

I became acquainted with the Teaching in the year 2017 when I was doing an internet search and immediately after reading Messages from volume 1 of the series I knew that these really are the Words of the Brotherhood, it's hard to miss their vibrations, I already knew about the Masters of Wisdom from the works of the previous Messengers starting from Godfre, Ray King, Geraldine Innocence, and the Prophets but I am really glad that by the grace of Heavens I was able to attract the new Teaching since some of the Truths revealed previously were now revealed in a new light especially the Truths about Twin Flames and the subject of the fall of Lucifer and the fall of the angels.

I am especially interested in the subject of the Fall of Lucifer as most people are still of the believe that Lucifer was once a Radiant Angel who 'fell' supposedly from 'grace' because of his pride and ambition, a very serious misconception once again in the minds of mortals.

I am very happy that I have found the Teaching because it has led me to understand the Truth of this matter, I feel like I have been liberated to a greater extent now, when I started reading about the real meaning of the fall of Lucifer it was hard to comprehend the actual meaning but after reading Good and Evil an individual interpretation of the Secret Doctrine by Helena Blavatsky countless times and some of the Messages that talks about the fall of Lucifer and again doing my own research on the side I was able to come to the conclusion that Lucifer is in fact a collective term for the Fire Gods, the Masters of the Hierarchy of the Ruby Ray who descended here during the Lemurian Epoch in order to come render one of the greatest services of the Spirit, Lucifer is not an individual entity.

And now I know that Lucifer is also each and every one of us who is in embodiment for Lucifer is the Mind in its highest aspect, the Divine reason in us that saves and liberates us from our animal nature.

I wish the Truth regarding the actual meaning of the fall of Lucifer can become widespread as soon as possible and for humanity en masse to part with this age old ignorance of comparing the greatest Light with their personal Devil who is supposedly responsible for all the woes and misfortunes on this planet.


I am confident that Lucifer will return to his rightful place as a Lightbearer and nothing else although I do not know just how long this will take but I hope in each of my future embodiments just like in my current life I will always strive to clear the name Lucifer until enough people understand and the Truth covers the whole planet.

Kind regards
Thabo Mampane

Liya, Tbilisi, Georgia

Hello dear friends,

I will share my story about how the books of the Teaching came into my life and were getting in touch with me.

When I found the Messages of the Masters of Wisdom on the Internet in 2009, I had an overwhelming desire to have these books.

At that time, it was very difficult to send mail from Russia to Georgia. The path of parcels with books was inconvenient and long, but how happy I was when the books were in my hands!

When I started reading the books, there was a very strong connection.

I would like to tell you about the book "About Yoga and Meditation".

This is an unusual book. It changed my idea of yoga and the practice I was doing at the time. I have never seen a clearer explanation of the levels and stages of consciousness and their connection with everything that surrounds us, the place of Agni Yoga in the general chain of Yoga stages, and our very readiness for Yoga and Meditation.

I recommend studying the book "About Yoga and Meditation" to every person who is engaged in any spiritual practice, attends any trainings and seminars, in order to understand their actions, their true motive and possible consequences.

Reading this book was a turning point in my life - it helped me understand why my long-term efforts to draw attention to the Teaching of the Masters of Wisdom among like-minded people could not break through the reinforced concrete defense against accepting the Teaching. Only a few people were interested in the Teaching. Thanks to this book, I stopped blaming myself for doing something wrong.

In conclusion, I would like to express my heartfelt Gratitude to the Ascended Masters, and Their Messenger Tatyana Mickushina, without whose heroic work we would not have received this life-saving rope of Divine opportunity to save our souls and help all people who have chosen the Divine Path.

With Love and Gratitude, Liya.

Sergey, Ukraine, Lviv

Hello dear Tatiana Mickushina!

Hello dear friends!

My reference book is the book “Morya.” In this wonderful book, I always find answers to all the most pressing questions that today's life provides us with such abundance. Beloved El Morya is a demanding Master. He is the master of the First Ray, the Ray of God's Will.

His Teaching is easy to understand and assimilate, it combines both specific instructions for getting rid of old karma, and practical recommendations for every day.

I feel close to the Master in the vibrations of willful overcoming of old energies in my aura, but I have an "Achilles' heel " in the form of a certain lack of Faith. This disadvantage does not appear when everything is good. Lack of Faith often turns the tests given to me by Heaven into very difficult and prolonged experiences, which I plunge into with my head. This is where the specific instructions of the Master contained in this book become indispensable.

First and foremost, Beloved El Morya, points to a factor in the development of Faith in different situations: "Everything is surmountable, and everything is possible with God!

Therefore, the qualities of Faith, aspiration, and constancy are irreplaceable for you at this stage of your development.

What man is unable to do, God can do — even that which seems impossible from the point of view of human logic.

Just let God into your consciousness and the rest He will do Himself."

The last sentence has a special meaning and power for me. I think that many followers of the Ascended Masters ' Teachings will be interested in such recommendations.

Here is another point from this book: "Therefore, Faith — Faith and Love — should always be with you. This is what should guide all your actions and deeds in the physical plane. You imagine that water is solid like rock, and you walk on the water.

You imagine that you are lighter than air, and you fly.

You imagine that you are rising to a new level of consciousness, and you are already on a new level of consciousness."

Let me quote another statement of the Master from this book, which always mobilizes my consciousness and puts it in a state of feeling great responsibility:

"You are in embodiment in the physical octave, and before being embodied many of you undertook upon yourselves the duties of helping mankind in this hardest time of the changeover. Now we remind you about the responsibilities undertaken.

Do not say then, when you appear in front of the Karmic Board, that you knew nothing and guessed about nothing, that you were not warned and you heard nothing… Remember, that we are powerless to do anything in your physical plane without your help and support. We have no access to your physical world, unless some of you prepare your temples for our presence and ask us to use your four lower bodies so that we can use your hands and feet for implementing our plans.

Thus, I give you this appeal. Please, make it every day.

In the name of I AM THAT I AM, in the name of my mighty I AM Presence, in the name of my Holy Christ Self, I appeal to beloved El Morya to enter my temple and act through me so that the Will of God can be manifested in the physical octave and in the densest layers of the astral plane. Beloved El Morya, I grant all my four lower bodies at your full disposal: the physical body, the astral body, the mental body, and the etheric body. Act through me if there is God’s Holy Will for that. Let God’s Will be done. Amen.

I promise to you that as soon as an opportunity occurs, I will enter your temples and act through you.

And thus, we will change this world! And Earth will live and become a beautiful star of liberty, joy, and love!

I AM El Morya, and I have given this Message from the point of the highest Love towards you.”

I really hope that those who care about their own evolution of consciousness and the fate of the world will show interest in this wonderful book by Tatyana Mickushina.

With respect and gratitude.

Lyudmila, Ukraine, Berdyansk

What is my favorite book? All books are important and all Messages of the Masters too. Priceless Wisdom is everywhere.

But often, when there are difficulties, immediately I can hear the sound in my heart: “Hail Virgin Mary, full of grace…”

Sometimes, when there is a fight occurring in the bus, I silently read this Prayer and everything falls silent.

All the Messages of Mother Mary, collected in the book “Mother Mary”, are imbued with some kind of extraordinary love, care, a desire to help.

When we read Rosaries we raise the vibrations within our space.

Another favorite book of mine is “Mother Mary’s Rosaries”, and I have it with me every day.

Last year there was a storm warning in our area. The storm moved along the road and tore off the roofs of houses. But when it came close to us it became calmer! A miracle happened!

Mother Mary fulfilled her promise to keep the places where the Rosaries are recited free from cataclysms.

Beloved Mother Mary, I love you and thank You for everything that You do for us: you protect, heal, bless.

I thank all the Masters for Their tremendous work.

Tatyana Mickushina, thank you for your titanic, priceless work! Without you these Messages would not exist.

Uliana Sipeeva, Russia, Moscow

Hello, dear friends!

I got acquainted with the books " Words of Wisdom " in the fall of 2019, when my fears, and especially the fear of leaving this world, were tormenting me.

I did not sleep at night, the state of tremor did not leave me, there was a feeling that I was rolling into an abyss from which I could not get out. I went to psychologists, took sedative pills, but found no peace...

One day in autumn I arrived at my mother in law Valentina Sipeeva and told her what was worrying me. My mother in law gave me the book “Words of Wisdom” Volume I, and told me to start reading one Message a day, and she also briefly told me about the Ascended Masters.

In the evening, at home, I opened the book and read the Message - in my soul I had a feeling that if I continued to read, I could get out of this state.

At first, reading the Messages, I didn't remember much, but at one point I realized that when a situation arose in my life, I would remember the recommendations of my Beloved Masters and I would try to apply them (not always, of course).

Every month I participate in the Dispensation on the 23rd for the transmutation of karma of the following month and I write letters to the Karmic Board. On Sundays, at 6 a.m. (CDT), if possible, I participate in Internet broadcasts of Sunday Rosaries.

I read one Message daily and one of Mother Mary's Rosaries from the book "Mother Mary's Rosaries".

My most favorite Rosary of Mother Mary is "May the readings of my Rosaries become your immediate task in the near future".

After reading this Rosary, the soul becomes very light and easy.

I become calm, especially from these words:

"Least of all I want you to feel fear. Be afraid of nothing. I was among you, I was stepping on earth and I can assure you that each of you receives during his life as many trials as you can endure."

In the most difficult situations, I always turn to Mother Mary for help, closing my eyes and imagining Her image. And help comes - either the situation is resolved in an incredible way, or the pain recedes.

Recently, I began to turn to the Ascended Masters for help or gratitude. And after some time, help is provided.

I am grateful to God, the Ascended masters, Tatyana Mickushina, the books, and my mother in law for bringing these books into my life.

It's like a breath of fresh morning air!

My mother in law Valentina Sipeeva found the book “Words of Wisdom" during a period when she was very ill and doctors could not help her. After she started reading this book, my mother in law began to slowly recover.

With Love and Light,
Valentina and Uliana Sipeev.

Valentina, Ukraine, Sumy region

Hello dear friends!

My favorite book of the Teaching of the Masters of Wisdom is the Rosaries of Mother Mary.

I read them every day.

When I read the Rosaries of Mother Mary, I feel light and happy, and I feel like something bright and pure is filling my whole being.

Mother Mary is very close to me: "And indeed, I am your mother for I do care about you, heal your souls. And when it is especially hard for you, you all come to me." (First Short Mother Mary’s Rosary).

This book helps me live, calms me down, and guides me on a Bright Path.

I thank God for giving me the opportunity to connect with the Knowledge that came to us through Tatyana Mickushina.

I thank all the Masters of Wisdom and Tatyana Mickushina.

Many thanks to all workers of the site "Sirius".

Peace, kindness and harmony to all!

Olga, Russia, Moscow Region

Hello dear and respected Tatyana Mickushina and Tatyana V.!!!


It is difficult to choose a favorite book from theTeaching. All the books of the Teaching are favorites.

The very Teaching of the Masters of Wisdom itself, has become a favorite.

I will name the first book that was consciously purchased- "If you love, it means you are alive!".

This book contains Messages and fragments of the Messages belonging to different Masters, all united by a common theme – the theme of Love.


Beloved Djwal Kul, April 18, 2005

"Nevertheless, I still appeal to you to experience more often the feeling of Love for all the living. It is only Love that is capable of performing miracles in your life and in the lives of the people surrounding you.

You love and it means you are alive! And that is the chief thing." (Beloved Djwal Kul, April 18, 2005).

This small book immediately attracts the attention of many girls and women with its design.

You feel that the book is made with Love, it is pleasant to hold it in your hands and you want to give it to your daughter or granddaughter. And after reading this book, you realize that "a little can go a long way”.

To say that the Joint Readings of the Messages of the Masters of Wisdom (read daily, since November 4, 2019) has changed my life is to say nothing. Truly!

Only Love can work wonders in our lives! Every day, with each reading of the Message from the Masters of Wisdom, I understand and realize that everything is SIMPLE and natural for God.

With a few rare exceptions, we complicate everything, we cannot calm our carnal, restless minds.

And you just need to turn off the TV, get rid of negative emotions, passions and release your inner LIGHT.

Let there be LIGHT AND JOY for everyone!

Low bow and heartfelt thanks to all contemporaries whose efforts are directed towards the good.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

With wishes of Peace and Good, Light and Joy!